Rebecca Davis

Rebecca Davis

Co-host of 3 🍟 Short Podcast. Producer at @thecompanionapp . Director. Currently in post-production on #Eisforfilm

Appears in 8 Episodes

From Myth to MCU, Loki Was Always Queer

Dating all the way back to his mythological origins, Loki the God of Mischief has long represented a means of overcoming the trappings of societal expectation.

The X-Files | A Box of Memories Ripped Out My Guts

Whilst clearing out the attic, novelist Molly Flatt chances upon a box of X-Files memorabilia that transports her back in time.

Dune | Frank Herbert’s Homophobia, Baron Harkonnen, and Queer Menace

An incestuous pedophile as originally written, we explore the homophobic legacy of Dune’s queer-coded Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

Star Trek | Picard, Seven of Nine, and Growing Old with Trauma

Star Trek: Picard shows the effects of aging and trauma over time, through the characters of Seven of Nine and Jean-Luc Picard.The original article on The Companion Th...

Stargate | SG-1 and Star Wars Crossover Theory in all its Absurdity

A not entirely serious look at the Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis and Star Wars shared universe fan theory.Read the original article here.The Companion's Audio Articl...

Stargate | How ‘Death Knell’ Made Sam Carter Real

The near-silent and tense Stargate SG-1 episode ‘Death Knell’ showed us a Samanta Carter we rarely see.The original article on The Companion The Companion's Audio Arti...

Everything Everywhere All at Once | Rafiq Bhatia on Son Lux's Epic (and Eclectic) Score

It sounds like a Zen koan: what does Everything Everywhere All at Once sound like? Son Lux's composer Rafiq Bhatia explores the glorious anarchy.Find the original arti...

Tank Girl | Lori Petty Walked so Harley Quinn Could Run

Lori Petty revisits the chaotic cult classic of science fiction's most unruly antiheroine twenty-five years after the film's release.  This article was originally publ...

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