Rebecca Davis

Rebecca Davis

Co-host of 3 🍟 Short Podcast. Producer at @thecompanionapp . Director. Currently in post-production on #Eisforfilm

Appears in 11 Episodes

“One Day, We’ll Watch Firefly and Talk about Kaylee” – A Letter to My Daughter

Despite a love of science fiction and a dream of working for NASA, Kayleigh Dray struggled to see any women on screen who reflected her experiences. Then, she stumbled...

Star Trek Uniforms From Fashion Disasters to Gender Equality

Whether miniskirts and calf-high boots or spandex and shoulder pads, Star Trek uniforms have always kept one eye on today’s fashion as well as tomorrow’s. Featuring sp...

Stargate SG-1: Janet’s Death Stings Now More Than Ever

The events of ‘Heroes Part 1’ and ‘Part 2’ shocked Stargate fandom but as Kayleigh Dray argues, the tragic death of Dr. Janet Fraiser has only become more affecting in...

Last Action Heroes: How 1990s Blockbusters Swapped Thugs for Thinkers

Science fiction stories have always mirrored their own eras. They’re a time capsule as much as they are a vision of the future, and few decades offer as rapid a change...

Tessa B. Dick: Searching for My Husband in Verhoeven’s Total Recall

Tessa B. Dick gives us the definitive take on Total Recall, what her late husband would have thought, and how much of Philip K. Dick’s wit, wisdom, and empathy she see...

The Matrix: Transgender Allegory, Applicability, and Me

Neo’s desperate attempts to defy a system that insists on deadnaming him and pushing him back in line, always read as a powerful transgender allegory.

Season 1 Bonus

Lawrence and Rebecca sat down in person to discuss the making of Audio Articles Season 1

The X-Files | A Box of Memories Ripped Out My Guts

Whilst clearing out the attic, novelist Molly Flatt chances upon a box of X-Files memorabilia that transports her back in time.

Dune | Frank Herbert’s Homophobia, Baron Harkonnen, and Queer Menace

An incestuous pedophile as originally written, we explore the homophobic legacy of Dune’s queer-coded Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

Stargate | How ‘Death Knell’ Made Sam Carter Real

The near-silent and tense Stargate SG-1 episode ‘Death Knell’ showed us a Samanta Carter we rarely see.The original article on The Companion The Companion's Audio Arti...

Tank Girl | Lori Petty Walked so Harley Quinn Could Run

Lori Petty revisits the chaotic cult classic of science fiction's most unruly antiheroine twenty-five years after the film's release.  This article was originally publ...

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