The Companion's Audio Articles are recorded and produced versions of some of our deep dives, untold stories and interviews that we don't think you'll find anywhere else.

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Brad Wright: My Rules for Stargates, Star Wars and Superheroes

Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe co-creator and Travelers creator Brad Wright explains how rules make great science fiction, with plenty of references to Stargate...

“One Day, We’ll Watch Firefly and Talk about Kaylee” – A Letter to My Daughter

Despite a love of science fiction and a dream of working for NASA, Kayleigh Dray struggled to see any women on screen who reflected her experiences. Then, she stumbled...

Stargate SG-1: Jack O’Neill’s Lesson in Living with Loss

Across the multiverse, the one constant is that Jack O’Neill’s son, Charlie, has died. This never changes. This is why Stargate SG-1 connects. For anyone who’s ever lo...

Star Trek Uniforms From Fashion Disasters to Gender Equality

Whether miniskirts and calf-high boots or spandex and shoulder pads, Star Trek uniforms have always kept one eye on today’s fashion as well as tomorrow’s. Featuring sp...

Disney World’s Nightmare Attraction – ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter

Creators and visitors recall Disney World’s short-lived ExtraTERRORestrial, its origins as an Alien movie ride, and the role of… George Lucas?

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